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Script automatically configure SSH security. For Linux server administrators, SSH protection is an important thing. There have been many articles talk about what to configure to protect SSH connections for your server. In this article, I will give you a simple script to do that faster. Script automatically configures ssh security in CentOS This script

This article will provide to you a script automatically frees up memory in Linux. This script is for Linux servers. Commands to clear cache in Linux You know, most of the memory in Linux will turn into cache during operation. Linux provides the following three commands to clear the cache at different levels. 1. Command

In this article, I will introduce the rest of zenity, which is to create a text information dialog. This will help you create dialogs that display information from a text file. Normally, you will see dialog boxes displaying copyright information while installing certain software. Creates a text information dialog To create a text information dialog,

Zenity supports a number of message types. This article will guide you through these types of messages. To make the message dialog very simple, just use the --text option with the message type option. The dialog dialog dialog supports the following four message types: Information Question Warning Error Create an information dialog To create the information