Series: Linux commands: Part 7 - Seeing the world as the Shell sees it

This category will find out what happens on the command line when we type enter. What the shell actually does when we type the command on the terminal.

In this article, what will we learn about expansion in Linux? What does it do when we type the command on the terminal? Throughout this series, we only use a single echo command. This command is quite simple and probably everyone knows, it will print out the text content that we type from the keyboard.

Working mechanism of wildcard characters, we call it pathname expansion. So how does the this expansion in Linux work? Example of pathname expansion Let’s try a simple example with the ls command, simply listing the current directory. linuxmint Pictures # ls 36845609-dragon-picture.jpg knight.jpg 481821.jpg macOS-Sierra-Wallpaper-Macbook-Wallpaper.jpg apple_icon.png mac.png bear.jpg Webcam Now try expansion with the printing

This article we will learn about the tilde expansion in Linux. There will be many times, you will encounter many examples using tilde in Linux commands. So what is tilde expansion? Tilde expansion There will be times when you see commands like this. # cd ~ Or like this. # source ~/.bashrc Have you ever