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Build a Linux bash GUI with Whiptail (1 posts)

This serie will show you how to use the Whiptail tool to build a simple GUI application for Linux bash scripts.

Build SSH tunnel app with Zenity (4 posts)

This series will guide you step by step to build a simple ssh tunnel app in Linux with Zenity.

GUI for bash script using Zenity (13 posts)

Series guide to using Zenity to create user interfaces with the bash script. Zenity is a small application on Linux that allows you to set up simple windows/forms with bash script. This tool is quite easy to learn.

Linux commands: Part 1 - What is the Shell? (3 posts)

This series will introduce you to the first look at Shell Linux, introduce what Shell is, the first operation with Shell.

Linux commands: Part 2 - Navigation (2 posts)

This serie will guide you how to navigate the file system on Linux system. You will get used to moving to other folders with the command instead of clicking the computer mouse.

Linux commands: Part 3 - Exploring the system (6 posts)

This category will guide you some useful commands to move around the file system.

Linux commands: Part 4 - Manipulating files and directories (4 posts)

This category will introduce you to some commands that allow you to manipulate files and folders.

Linux commands: Part 5 - Working with commands (9 posts)

This category will guide you to use some useful commands when you want to find out information about certain files or commands on Linux.

Linux commands: Part 6 - Redirection (10 posts)

This category will guide you about commands that have I/O redirection feature. These commands are capable of redirecting input and output of the command and creating powerful pipelines.

Linux commands: Part 7 - Seeing the world as the Shell sees it (3 posts)

This category will find out what happens on the command line when we type enter. What the shell actually does when we type the command on the terminal.

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