In this article, we talk about the pathnames types in Linux systems. Moving on Linux uses pathname, which you will have to do regularly, so understanding it will help you a lot. On Linux systems, when you move from one directory to another, when you work on files and folders. One thing you must know for

Now is the last step in 3 steps how to write a bash script file. This article will learn about the script file location and script execution. The execution of the script sounds very simple, but sometimes, you don’t understand why it doesn’t work as expected. Script file location Normally, when you write and assign the

After you’ve read the steps to write a bash script file, what’s in that bash script file? What is the format of a bash script file? “Hello World” script To keep things simple and familiar, I’ll start with a script called “Hello World”. This is probably a type of file that you will probably encounter

How to write a bash script? What steps does it include? And how will we do it? This article will show you an overview of how to write a bash script. To create and run a shell/bash script, we will do the following 3 steps. Write an bash script Essentially, bash scripts are just a

This article will talk about using Terminal Emulator for the first time after you understand what Terminal Emulator is through the first article of the series. Now, you will get used to it by practicing using. Launch the terminal emulator Now, in the operating system menu, open the Terminal program. A new window will appear

What is Terminal Emulator? When you work with the Linux operating system, you will interact with it via a section called Shell. But Shell is something you can’t “touch” directly. You need an intermediary “thing” to interact with Shell. That’s the Terminal Emulator. If you look on the menu of the Linux Desktop operating system,