This article we will learn about the tilde expansion in Linux. There will be many times, you will encounter many examples using tilde in Linux commands. So what is tilde expansion? Tilde expansion There will be times when you see commands like this. # cd ~ Or like this. # source ~/.bashrc Have you ever

This article will show you how to compare floating point number in bash. Here are my shared experiences while working with the Linux system. Compare 2 common numbers Usually, we compare two integer numbers. For example, we have 2 numbers as follows: $ NUM1=2 $ NUM2=1 And to compare these two numbers in Linux, we

This article will provide to you a script automatically frees up memory in Linux. This script is for Linux servers. Commands to clear cache in Linux You know, most of the memory in Linux will turn into cache during operation. Linux provides the following three commands to clear the cache at different levels. 1. Command