Zenity create a form dialog

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This entry is part 8 of 13 in the series GUI for bash script using Zenity

WriteBash - In this article, we will use zenity to create a form dialog. I think this is a very interesting feature in zenity. When creating the GUI, creating a form is indispensable. And with just a few lines of zenity code, you can create a form with basic functionality.

Create a form dialog

To create a form dialog, you use the --forms option in zeniy.

zenity --forms

When you type the command above, a basic dialog will open. However, you will not be able to enter any data because the form is empty at this time.

zenity-create-a-form-dialog-01 Zenity create a form dialog
Create a form dialog

In the next article, we will talk about the options of --forms. When using these options, you can create a complete form to use.

Forms options

The table below shows the options of the form in zenity.

Zenity form options
--add-entryAdd a new entry in form dialog. You can add many entry as you want.
--add-passwordAdd a new password entry in form dialog. The text you type in this entry will be hide.
--add-calendarAdd a new calendar in form dialog. When you select a date in the form, it returns the date in the command window.
--textSet the dialog text. You can add a note to your form via this option.
--separatorSet output separator character. Default is ‘|’, you should put it in parentheses.
--forms-date-formatSet the format for the returned date. This option formats the results when you use –add-calendar. This option use strftime function, for example %A %d/%m/%y.

The --forms-date-format option uses the strftime function, which you can read under the link I mentioned in a zenity calendar article.

In the example below, I will use all of the options above to create a form dialog.

zenity --forms --add-entry=Username --add-password=Password --add-calendar=Date --text="WriteBash.com Demo Form" --separator=';' --forms-date-format=%d/%m/%Y
zenity-create-a-form-dialog-02 Zenity create a form dialog
Create a form dialog with full options

When you enter the information, select the date on the calendar. A result line will return as the image below.

zenity-create-a-form-dialog-03 Zenity create a form dialog
The values return

The stream of data returned in the image above, you can use it in your scripts.

Create a form dialog with bash script

Content script below is used in part from documents Zenity, you can copy the script below and use on your computer.

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# Script author: Danie Pham
# Script site: https://www.writebash.com
# Script date: 26-01-2018
# Script use to create a form dialog by using Zenity

# Function create a form
f_create_form () {
    # This content is reused from the Zenity document
    zenity --forms --title="Add Friend" \
        --text="Enter information about your friend." \
        --separator="," \
        --add-entry="First Name" \
        --add-entry="Family Name" \
        --add-entry="Email" \
        --add-calendar="Birthday" >> addr.csv

    case $? in
        0) echo "Friend added." ;;
        1) echo "No friend added." ;;
        -1) echo "An unexpected error has occurred." ;;

# Main function
f_main () {



I personally think this is a powerful option of zenity. With just a few lines of code, you can create a form dialog. When combined with the bash script, you can make it a complete program.

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