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This category talk about user interfaces programming by bash script.

In this article, we will use zenity to create a form dialog. I think this is a very interesting feature in zenity. When creating the GUI, creating a form is indispensable. And with just a few lines of zenity code, you can create a form with basic functionality. Create a form dialog To create a

In this article, we will talk about how to make progress dialog. We will use the --progress option in zenity to do this. You can easily see the software used to download or install have a progress dialog. So have you ever wondered how to create such a progress dialog? Create a simple progress dialog Once

To create a file selection dialog with zenity, we use the --file-selection option. This is a very useful option. It allows you to create a program that allows you to select files to open or read files. In fact, you have seen many programs that allow you to select and open a file. Through this

Zenith supports a command that allows you to create a password entry dialog. This command is quite useful because when you build the program, somewhere in your program needs to protect the contents of the program. Building a password entry dialog is a necessity. Use the command To create a password dialog, zenity uses the

Zenity supports a pretty interesting command that lets you create a color picker box. If you have ever worked with css then this is a useful tool for you. Zenity create color selection dialog that helps you choose color and returns you the hex code of that color. Code create color selection dialog This statement

To create a notification icon in zenity, use the --notification option. This article will guide you fully on this option of zenity. This option is quite interesting, you can write a bash script using this option to display task reminders for you. Create a notification icon To create a notification icon with zenity, just type

This article will guide you to write a small bash script using zenity to create a calendar dialog. Of course, with a very short line, the zenity will completed this work. But I want to write more about it so that new beginners can understand it more easily and using bash create calendar dialog. Use

In this article, I will introduce to you about zenity software – a tool that allows you to create simple GUi for bash scripts. The Zenity tool has a fairly simple command structure, and I’ll talk about those commands in later articles. What is Zenity? First, Zenity is a completely free cross-platform program. It allows