Category: Bash GUI

This category talk about user interfaces programming by bash script.

In this first article, I introduce you to a tool called Whiptail. This is a program that allows you to build simple GUI applications for shell/bash scripts. You can read more about the build GUI application for bash scripts with Zenity. How to install Whiptail? Installing whiptail on Linux is quite simple. For Ubuntu operating

In this article, I will show you how to create a file to delete ssh tunnel. You understand this simple, in the previous article, you successfully created the file containing the ssh tunnel information. You use it to create tunnels to use. So when you’re done using it, you need to delete that tunnel (although

In this article, I will show you how to create a file containing ssh tunnel information. This file will contain information to help you connect to servers inside your system. The script file contains ssh tunnel commands First, create a script file named and place it in the directory you want. For example, I

In this article, I will introduce the rest of zenity, which is to create a text information dialog. This will help you create dialogs that display information from a text file. Normally, you will see dialog boxes displaying copyright information while installing certain software. Creates a text information dialog To create a text information dialog,

Zenity supports a number of message types. This article will guide you through these types of messages. To make the message dialog very simple, just use the --text option with the message type option. The dialog dialog dialog supports the following four message types: Information Question Warning Error Create an information dialog To create the information

This article will guide you through create a text entry dialog. This dialog is quite simple, the number of support options of the command is not much so this will be short article and quick guide. Create a text entry dialog To create a text entry box, use the --entry option in zenity. The default

Today, i will guide you how to use zenity to create a list dialog. The list dialog is quite useful, so you can use it to create options in your program. Normally, you will see at programs during installation, they usually give you windows with a list of options. This article will help you use zenity

To create a dialog box in Zenity is quite simple. You only need to use the --scale option to have the dialog box appear. However, the full use of the --scale feature in Zenity like? Did you find out about it? In this article, I talk about how to create a scale dialog in Zenity. Create